Sebox HONG
Curator of XR Dreamland – Kaohsiung Film Festival


Is good the opposite of evil?


It’s stated in Republic by Plato that all forms of ideas and knowledge are rooted in the Form of the Good. Thomas Aquinas holds the view that evil is the absence of the good. Confucius thinks that human nature has an innate tendency towards goodness, while Xunzi contends that human nature is evil. Hegel considers evil as a foil to good.


As time moves on, the discussion about good and evil has progressed from the religion-based Monism and Dualism to more diversified discourses. As we muse over good and evil from the perspectives of Beyond Good and Evil, a book by Nietzsche, we need to read and plow through more information, conduct more analysis, and look into the matter from different angles before it’s possible to tell good from evil.


The VR Competition of Kaohsiung Film Festival (KFF) has received its highest record of submissions to date, as filmmakers all over the world have poured their much pent-up creative energy into their works in the wake of the savage pandemic. Many of the submissions will have their Asian premieres in the KFF straight after the 2022 Venice Film Festival. In addition to the VR360 and 6DOF films, there are also VRChat experiences in stark contrasting styles and forms from Japan and the US. Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB Originals creators have garnered many awards in international film festivals and gradually formed a local creator community in Taiwan to release an onslaught of immersive experiences. The international showcase presents a wide variety of MR, AR, VR immersive theater and a concert for audiences in Taiwan to experience the multiforms and infinite possibilities of futuristic content.    


Kaohsiung Film Festival will open up audiences’ imagination about the many faces of evilness with its theme of the year, Evil Universe. The XR Dreamland, themed on the dual meaning of Goodness (i.e.transcendence and kind), turns the VR world into concrete, physical sites inviting audiences to roam through an alternative metaworld and locate one’s own Goodness in the utopia-like unlimited XR Dreamland.



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