Online reservation opens at 12:00 on Sep. 9th (Mon), 2019.

Online Reservation Website

.2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival “XR Dreamland” screening only available if the audience has done the ticket-purchasing and online-reservation process, no matter which one is done first. In order to save your time for check-in, please purchase the ticket and make a reservation beforehand.
Online Ticketing system| 

.You can only reserve 1 seat for one time.
.To reserve for the first time, you have to sign up for an account in advance. The password must contain 8 characters including English letters and numbers, at least one uppercase letter one lowercase letter.
.Online reservation for each screening will be closed 60 minutes before it starts.
.For more ticketing information details, please visit the official website of Kaohsiung Film Festival.

■ Reservation Process Chart

■ For detailed instruction of the online reservation system, please see the chart.