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As the first film festival in Taiwan that set up the VR category, following the development of innovation in film is one of the Kaohsiung Film Festival’s missions. Starting from VR, we have ventured into AR, MR, immersive theater and interactive story. Through various interfaces, “XR Dreamland” aims to create a platform not only is full of fun and imagination but where everyone’s creation is treated equally.


Every year, we are thrilled to see filmmakers materialize their imagination in their works, freeing themselves from the restrictions with the advanced technology. The Dawn of Art takes us back to the origin of art and civilization. 1st Step relives the moment man stepped onto the moon, allowing the new technology to lead us to a familiar and yet unreachable place. VR could be the best material to recreate memories as we see how scenes are re-enacted in Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in VR, Rain Fruits, The Book of Distance and Man under Bridge. Immersive theatre productions, including The Great Tipsy: Next Stop and Chroma: A Derek Jarman Project, Sigur Rós: AR Tónandi and Florence, an interactive story, evoke the audience’s life experience as they explore the enchanting world of senses created by the audience and the artists together.


Presented in the unique styles of their own, other selected works tackle a wide range of issues, demonstrating such richness of creativity in this year’s program.


Innovation and experience are the qualities we see in these artists and the spirits that drive the development in visual arts. Welcome to “XR Dreamland” – a future of unlimited possibilities and imagination we promise you.



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