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Kaohsiung Film Festival XR Dreamland


The 2023 Kaohsiung Film Festival XR Dreamland will comprise the main exhibition areas of the inaugural Taiwan Culture Technology Expo (TTXT). It includes 16 titles selected for the XR International Short Film Competition, 8 works that fall into the Spotlight category, and 4 original works invested by VR FILM LAB, all jointly exhibited for the first time at the Kaohsiung Music Center’s Coral Zone and VR FILM LAB Theater.


In response to content trends, XR Dreamland will, for the first time, be hosting an XR competition rather than previous year’s VR competition, with selected works featuring a more diverse range of specifications than ever before. After several years of experimentation and technological upgrades, this year’s overall content emphasizes the close integration of sensory interaction and narrative, consistently reminding the audience of the interconnectedness between the virtual space and the real world.


Beyond technical advancements, the unstoppable trend is the expansion of free-roaming spaces and the integration of multimedia installations and exhibition setups. Creators are evidently no longer content with confining their works to wearable devices.


This year, the Kaohsiung Film Festival is also set to present three original works and one prototype invested by VR FILM LAB, including An Eye and I directed by Huang Hsin-Chien, Dora directed by Chen Yi-Jung, LIMBOPHOBIA directed by Hsieh Wen-Yee, and a prototype presentation of last year’s Workshop Award winner Virtual Kiss


After a year of planning and collection, the exciting content mentioned above will have its grand showcase at the Kaohsiung Film Festival. Audiences can expect to open up their senses in these immersive works, collaborating with others, moving their bodies, and even letting out shouts, swinging and releasing themselves at the boundary between the virtual and the real world.