Taiwan Premiere | South Korea|2018|Interactive|Color|15-20min|None Dialogue|None Subtitles | General Audience

★ Best VR Experience at 2018 Venice Film Festival.



The VR experiences will provide you with unique and wonderful entertainment. You can become friends with a lonely mouse through your visually stunning adventures together in Liberty Land.

  • CHAE has been living and making films in Korea, USA and China since he encountered his first camcorder at 7 years old. His works span a variety of genres and practices media convergence to bring audiences a compelling experience. Chae’s role as an Executive VFX supervisor for and , led him to be nominated for Best Visual Effect award at the 55th Golden Horse Awards and 38th HongKong Film Awards. Chae also produced a feature documentary . He has directed and designed a VR cinema attraction (Cannes – Marche du Film 2017), along with directing and co-producing the Korea-China co-production feature film . In 2018, Chae directed the interactive VR animation which won the Best VR Experience award at the 75th Venice International Film Festival. Chae’s fascination for The process of transformation observed between humanity and technology interaction is portrayed through various different experiments in film medium grammar.