Taiwan Premiere | China|2017|VR360|Color|8min|Mandarin, English|None Subtitles|Sci-Fi, Animation | General Audience

*Program A includes “Live Stream from YUKI <3” and “Free Whale”. You can watch both films with one ticket.

★ 2017 Venice Film Festival
★ 2017 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival


As a new fetcher from Starfleet Academy whose responsibility is to bring back AI samples from far distance deployments, Shem is completing his latest assignment to fetch Ai-4fe84f6sa000 on Planet Kandinsky. After surprisingly encountering a machine whale and going through a dream-like experience, he starts to understand more about his work and his partner Young rediscovers new insights into souls.

  • Pei-Bin ZHANG, VR director, writer. Graduated from the Department of Animation, Communication University of China. The first VR film Free Whale was selected in the 74th Venice Film Festival. The following works include
    The Wind Guardians VR, Tour World etc.


14:30 | 16:20 | 18:10