France|2020|Interactive|Colour|10min|English|None Subtitle|Animation|2 seats | General Audience

★ 2020 Venice Film Festival – Venice VR Expanded

★ 2020 Geneva International Film Festival


Goodbye Mister Octopus is an illuminating coming of age tale entirely hand- animated on Quill about  the questioning of identity, of what our loved ones represent, and the perception of those around us. Follow Stella, a 16 years old teenager, as she learns so much more about herself, her family, and what it means to grow up.

  • Amaury CAMPION is a motion designer specialized in 2D and animated virtual reality, freelance spatialization in Paris. He is the founder of Studio Geppetto.

    After training as a telecommunications engineer specializing in Audiovisual and Multimedia Projects at Télécom Sud-Paris, he then immersed himself in the world of animation, making Snowball, the first short film in traditional animation with spatialized sound in 360 video. Amaury creates in the tradition where the idea, the movement and the design (sound and visual) are as important as listening, flexibility and collaboration.