Taiwan|2019|VR360|Colour|17 min|Mandarin, Taiwanese|English subtitles|30 seats | General Audience


★ 2021 Beyond the Frame – Grand Prix
★ 2020 Venice Film Festival – Best of
★ 2020 Tribeca Film Festival
★ 2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival


2017, Dragon Boat Festival, a grandma and a maid were living in a peaceful old house.


Grandma had incapable of moving, verbalizing, and hearing. Thus, the family members always interacted with her dramatically and guessed how she felt.

Time flew every time when the families got together and ended by taking family photos in front of the house. Grandma silently watched the families with happiness on their faces…


The television was still playing and the fan was still turning at the peaceful old house living with a grandma and a maid.

  • Graduating from Communications Design of Shih Chien University. He is a director of various films such as music videos, commercial films, and short clips. He has a good sense on the rhythm of his film and narrating realistic emotions as well. “Dear EX”, his first feature co-directed with renowned writer Mag Hsu, has won numerous awards at Taipei Film Festival and Golden Horse Awards.