France|2016|VR360|Color|15 min|English|None Subtitles|Drama, Sci-Fi | General Audience

*Program B includes “I, Philip” and Conscious Existence. You can watch both films with one ticket.

I, PHILIP is the first French fiction created in virtual reality and 3D, which leads us into the universe of the famous Philip K. Dick, arguably one of the most brilliant and twisted science fiction writers of his time.


This film offers you to spend 14 minutes in immersion in the head of Phil, an android replica of Philip K. Dick.



25 years after Philip K. Dick’s death, in 2005, David Hanson, a young engineer in robotics, revealed his first android with human form, “Phil”. “I Philip” immerses you in the memories of what could be the last love affair of the writer. But aren’t these memories the fruit of the imagination of an android which learned, little by little, how to become a human?

  • Director Pierre Zandrowick is passionate about visual narration, which encouraged him to create a great deal of works. He directed music clips, ads and short films for numerous brands. In 2014, he associated with Antoine Cayrol et Lorenzo Benedetti to create Okio-Studio, a new production company specialized in Virtual Reality. Thanks to the use of these new forms of narrations and his knowledge of image, Pierre can direct authentic and engaged movies combined with a deep storytelling : he has already directed the multi-awarded VR short film I, Philip, and an advertising for Jean-Paul Gaultier. Pierre then founded AtlasV with Antoine Cayrol and Arnaud Colinart in 2017.


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