Brazil|2021|Interactive|Colour|20min|English|No Subtitle | General Audience

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★ 2022 Kaohsiung Film Festival VR Immersive Award

★ 2022 NewImages Festival

★ 2022 Cannes XR – Marché du Film

★ 2021 Venice Film Festival


Lavrynthos places you at the heart of the labyrinth of Crete to tell you the story of the unlikely relationship between the Minotaur and his next meal: a girl named Cora.

  • Fabito RYCHTER has been working as a TV scriptwriter for 17 years, having contributed to some of Brazil´s most famous shows, reaching more than 10 million viewers each week. In 2016, he started Delirium XR.

  • Amir ADMONI has worked for MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Netflix among others and has had his personal work featured worldwide. He has directed six animated short films that were screened around the world, achieving more than 120 awards.