China|2017|VR360|Colour|6min|None Dialogues|None Subtitles|Animation | General Audience

Program A includes “Conscious Existence and “Micro Giants You can watch both films with one ticket.

★  2018 Sundance Film Festival
★  2018 Atlanta Film Festival
★  2018 Sandbox Immersive Festival


In the film, led by reminders such as water drops and aphids, audience enter into the MicroWorld. Tiny flowers and insects in normal life now become mighty trees and beasts, grass appear to be forests, rocks appear to be mountains, water drops appear to be a swimming pool. 3D animated creatures with high reproduction in incredible details creates an immersive experience and exquisite storytelling.


Micro Giants is a computer-generated VR experience that gives an unprecedented and highly engaging perspective of insect life. Depicting true-to-life insect behavior within a jungle setting. It combines educational content and immersive entertainment to share the laws of the insect kingdom.

  • VFX Supervisor, Vice President and Head of Studio, Beijing

    While at Digital Domain’s Los Angeles studio, he worked on visual effects Disney’s “Maleficent” as well as commercial spots for Nissan and Nike. He has co-created superhero-themed digital content pieces with Marvel’s former chairman Stan Lee. Recently, his focus is on VR projects including TFBoys’ “Big Dreamer” MV, the VR short film starring Huang Xiaoming and Ma Sichun"Black Fairy Tales", Edison Chen’s “You” MV, Faye Wong’s “Faye’s Moments Live 2016” VR live broadcast, Digital Domain’s original IP, a CG-based VR experience, “Micro Giants” and a VR special feature of the movie “Legend of the Naga Pearls”. “Micro Giants” was honored at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival during the New Frontier exhibition. In 2018, as a visual effects director, he led the team to complete Jiang Wen's films “Hidden man”, "Hello Mr. Billionaire," and the TV series "The Legends of Monkey King".


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