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*Program B includes The Abandoned Deity and “Songbird” You can watch both films with one ticket.

★ 2019 CPH: DOX

★ 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival


Songbird is a fairytale with a dark heart. You will be transported to the island of Kauai in 1984. Here, you are invited to search for the last known ʻōʻō, an iconic black bird with yellow leg feathers and a beautiful song, and retracing the steps of world renowned ornithologist Dr. Jim Jacobi, one of the last known people to ever see the ʻōʻō bird. Dr. Jacobi’s past experience and your present begin to merge as you first hear and then see the ʻōʻō, culminating in a final close encounter with the legendary ʻōʻō himself.

  • Lucy is an audio producer focusing on narrative and storytelling. She has made several features and documentaries for BBC and The Guardian. She founded Lives on Record, a venture recording life stories in not-for-broadcast interviews.


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