USA|2019|Interactive|Colour|15min|English|None Subtitle|Animation, Drama|1 seats | Parental Guidance 12

★ 2019 Venice Film Festival – Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Immersive Work

★ 2019 Tribeca Film Festival – Storyscapes Award


“The Key” is an interactive experience which has a strong narrative structure punctuated by moments of interactivity. The participant goes on a journey exploring dreams, and must facing challenges and difficult decisions in each event. Through this virtual journey, a hidden truth is uncovered, and a new beauty will be revealed.

  • Celine TRICART is an award-winning filmmaker and expert in immersive and interactive storytelling. Her works, including "The Sun Ladies" and "The Key", have been showcased in prestigious festivals including Sundance, Venice Film Festival, Tribeca, SXSW, HotDocs and more.