Taiwan|2017|VR360|Color|5min|Chinese|Chinese & English Subtitles | General Audience

※ 本片與〈全能元神宮改造王〉為連續放映場次,購買單場「360影廳單元B」場次可連續觀看兩部VR電影。

2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival


It’s the last day to work, station master, Chen sent out the last train. Off the lights to the next day, he won’t be the station master anymore, but just Mr. Chen. Looking around the place he worked for the entire life, he had sent off some friends, neighbors, and families during the decades. Some left for study, working, and even those just to run away from here at all costs. Some come back with families for holiday with a jolly time; some come back and disappear due to the failure of the career, while some of them are never back again. At long last, Chen realized the reason he chooses to stay at the station, he is waiting for himself, the one who missed that train 10 years ago.

  • Ph.D. of Beijing Film Academy. In 2003, was a senior researcher in Hollywood and was invited to speak in the FMX, the pageant of Europe digital animation in Germany in 2011. His animated works have won numerous awards, including 2011 CICAF/ Golden Monkey King Award, 2012 SICAF/ Special Jury Award, 2010 & 2012 &2015 Golden Bell Awards / Best Animation Program, and the films have been included in competitions at animation festivals in Poland, Spain, France, and Germany.


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