Taiwan|2019|Interactive|Color|15 min|None Dialogues|Chinese, English Subtitles|Culture Fantasy | General Audience


“The Missing Body Episode 1” is an interactive surreal VR experience created by director Hsin-Chien Huang, winner of Best VR Experience at the 74th Venice Film Festival, and music by Lim Giong, winner of the Cannes Soundtrack Award 2015. Based on the history local to Taiwan, the story is from director’s childhood memories which depicts the reduction of humanity by the military government during the martial law, the colonial culture as well as the digital era into a story beyond reality.

  • Hsin-Chien Huang is a VR Director with backgrounds in art, design, engineer and digital entertainment. He endeavors to explore cutting-edge technologies in art, literature, design and live performance throughout his career. His projects often involve large-scale interaction, performing, mechanical apparatus, algorithmic computations and video installations. Huang’s VR collaboration with Laurie Anderson, La Camera Insabbiata, was awarded the Best VR Experience in the 74 Venice Film Festival. His three VR works with Laurie were also invited to showcase in Cannes Director’s Fortnight 2019. His new VR work which co-producted with Lim Giong, The Missing Body Episode 1, also been selected by Cannes XR unit.


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