World Premiere | Taiwan|2019|Interactive|Color|30-40min|Mandarin & Taiwanese|None Subtitles|Horror | Parental Guidance 15

The new page of Taiwanese horror film! Taiwan’s first full-length 3D interactive VR experience.


On Sep. 1985, a homicide case took place in a city of southern Taiwan. Three underage children out of a family of 5 were murdered and found dead at their own house while their parents went unreasonably missing completely. The police has been investigating all possible clues over 10 years but none of the evidences could lead to any reasonable murderer nor the motivation. Rumor had it that strange things had kept happening at the crime scene – the house – and thus it’s being addressed as “The fiercest haunted house” by its neighbors. Ten years later on Sep. 1995, a group of college students broke into this fiercest haunted house in order to have a “test of courage” game. However, it was too late for them to finally realize that they provoked “the owner” of the house……

  • Gareth Hu currently work at XAC Inc. as a producer of Research and Developing Department; have been leading several XAC’s self-developed VR games and projects, including ”The Spirits Within VR”-- a full-length 3D interactive VR movie; ”Abandoned Temple” -- the only real-time 3D interactive short movie, which was published by the VR Film Lab in 2018 Kaohsiung Film Festival. Worked as the project manager of XAC’s art producing dept. and participated in several projects of world famous AAA titles and therefore is familiar with the process flow and relevant skill/ knowledge of next-gen art production. Possess skills of VR content designing, specification establishing and workflow managing of next-gen digital art production, integration of entire process flow during project development, worldwide business developing…, etc.


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