Taiwan|2017|VR360|Color|10min|Mandarin & English|Chinese & English Subtitles | General Audience

*Program A includes “Your Spiritual Temple Sucks” and “Live Stream from YUKI <3” You can watch both films with one ticket.

2018 World VR forum​ ​“Best innovative storytelling”| 2018 Sundance Film Festival| 2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival


Mr. Chang arrives to his “Spiritual Temple,” a place that represents one’s destiny. To solve his marital crisis and financial problems, he summons his guardian – The Thunder God, to modify the temple from the ground up. It turns out to be a big mistake…


【2017 Kaohsiung VR Film Lab】Project

  • Graduated from Film Dept. of Shi-Hsin University, he won The Best Director Award in 2005 with his TV-movie debut REAL ONLINE. Most of his works were selected multiple times by international film festivals including Rotterdam and Taipei Film Festival.

    請登入現實 Real Online, Digital Betacam, 76min, feature TV film, 2005
    匿名遊戲 Intoxicant, 35mm, 26min, short film, 2008
    黑暗之後 After Dark, HD, 21min, short film, 2011
    小清新大爆炸 The Great Escape From Café City,HD, 20min, Short film, 2013
    阿爸的天氣預報 The Weather Report Of The End, HD, 8min, Short Film, 2015
    讓座貼紙2.0 Priority Stickers 2.0,HD, 2min, Short Film, 2015


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