Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (OCTOBER 11, 2019) – The most pressing issue facing artists after creating VR 360 content, is the difficult process of monetization. Finding buyers who are willing to license your work and negotiating fair deals are two of the top challenges faced by many content creators, making it so that many talented artists are unable to monetize their completed projects. Iconic Engine solves this problem with established relationships with all of the major Telcos who are licensing 360 VR Video and by using their catalogue of premium content to leverage favorable deals for artists.


Iconic Engine, together with Kaleidoscope and Sandman Studios, are combining their resources in order to help artists obtain licensing deals for 360 VR content by hosting the 360 Showcase, a distribution market that will feature 10 completed 360 VR projects from internationally renowned artists and studios. Today, Kaleidoscope announced an open call for submissions for the showcase on their professional network for the XR industry. Kaleidoscope will curate eight completed 360 VR projects from international artists and Sandman Studios will curate two projects from the Chinese market. In turn, Iconic Engine will represent the selected projects and secure licensing and distribution deals for the artists.

Online submissions open on October 12, 2019 and close on November 11, 2019. The showcase will be held on November 21, 2019. VR creators can submit their projects here:


“One of the biggest challenges VR artists face is distribution” said René Pinnell, Founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope. “Once you complete an VR project how do you get it out into the world? How do you build an audience? And how do you turn a profit? These are the questions that Kaleidoscope, together with Iconic Engine and Sandman Studios, are helping artists answer.” 


“We are very excited to showcase up-and-coming 360 VR artists, which our telecom partners are discovering the undiscovered contents.” said Jimmy Cheng, Director of Content for Iconic Engine. “By combining forces with Kaleidoscope and Sandman Studios, we are sure to not only present the fascinating work of talented artists, but also cultivate an environment where artists are able to succeed financially.”


“China has many VR artists that I am excited to bring to the forefront of the industry,” said Eddie Lou, Founder and CEO of Sandman Studios. “The VR Distribution Showcase will present an ideal opportunity for these Chinese artists, as well as international artists, to present the amazing projects that they have in development. We also hope to bring the massive p” 


Kaleidoscope is a professional network for the immersive industry. We connect XR creators with industry leaders to develop, fund, and distribute new work. Our mission is to support creators who push culture forward with immersive art, games, apps, and experiences. The artists on Kaleidoscope have raised more than $28M for original XR projects including acclaimed work such as Battlescar, Spheres, Terminal 3, Vestige and many more.



Iconic Engine is a pioneering provider of end-to-end extended reality (XR) solutions, implementing a complete workflow to power and serve global clients. The company’s mission is to lead the next generation of interactive and immersive content development and its distribution. Iconic Engine represents over 70 studios, including Atlas V, GoPro, Secret Location, MK2, Diversion Cinema and Participant Media. For more information, please visit



Sandman Studios is an innovation studio dedicated to developing next generation immersive experiences and interactions. With two original works Free Whale and Fresh Out being selected by Venice Film Festival in the past two years, the studio has established itself to be the premium XR content studio in China. Sandman Studios is a key connector in content Chinese creators community, through its keen relationship with Sandbox Immersive Festival, the biggest XR festival in China. Now, Sandman Studios works with all major distribution networks in China and abroad on both online distribution and LBE / exhibition operations.


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Jimmy Cheng

Eddie Lou