Taiwan|2018|VR360|Color|7 min|Chinese & English|Chinese & English | General Audience

Program B includes “THE SMALL BIG – Pachyrhynchus Sarcitis Kotoensis” and “THE SMALL BIG – The Pareas Atayal” You can watch both films with one ticket.

Our main character, Pachyrhynchus tobafolius, aka happiness bug, a very rare kind of species and can only be found in Orchid Island in Taiwan.


This project describes how she is forced to leave home due to human activity and after going through a tough and challenging journey before finally joining friends. A hard-shelled insect, tiny and brave, she is a skillful climber. Moreover, her brilliantly-colored appearance preserved her from danger given the fact that she does not fly.

  • Ecology Director- Hon-Long HSU
    HSU majored in the graduate school of Applied Media Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. He has engaged in ecology film for 25 years, who aims and dedicates to elevate the ecological film in Taiwan to an international level.
    Therefore, in addition to constantly creating high-quality ecological works, he also instructs students at universities by giving them better understanding of the ecology filming. He hopes to attract and inspire more people from next-generation to involve in ecology film production via his years of hands-on experience.


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