Taiwan|2018|VR360|Color|6 min|Chinese & English Dialogue|Chinese & English Subtitles | General Audience

Program B includes “THE SMALL BIG – The Pareas Atayal” and “THE SMALL BIG – Pachyrhynchus Sarcitis Kotoensis” You can watch both films with one ticket.

Pareas atayal, the very first snake named by Taiwanese in 2015. A kind, non-toxic gentleman which likes to move around under the moonlight. Instead of frogs and mice, unlike most snakes, its favorite food is snails and slugs. Its asymmetric tooth structure has become a weapon for digging snails with right-handed spiral. But, what about a snail with left-handed spiral, what could it do?

  • Ecology Director- Hon-Long HSU
    Hsu majored in the graduate school of Applied Media Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. He has engaged in ecology film for 25 years, who aims and dedicates to elevate the ecological film in Taiwan to an international level.
    Therefore, in addition to constantly creating high-quality ecological works, he also instructs students at universities by giving them better understanding of the ecology filming. He hopes to attract and inspire more people from next-generation to involve in ecology film production via his years of hands-on experience.


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