When we discuss “Home,” what exactly are we discussing?


Great architect Richard Leplastrier once said,“Building shelters lives, architecture inspires lives.” When a space offers a certain level of intimacy to us, the process becomes a path for us to define where or what is our home.


“On Going Home” includes 9 internationally delicately-made VR experiences to deconstruct how people define their home in various dimensions. Immersive experience leads us to different spaces, to feel the emotions flow within, and to see different perspectives toward spaces that form the idea of “Home.” We would like to invite you to dive into this theme and try to find your own definition of “Home.”


360 Cinema Program

● Timescale|Program A “Home“+”Replacements

● Space|Program B “Kowloon Forest“+”The Real Thing

● Belongingness|Program C “Offing“+”Ferenj: A Graphic Memoir in VR


Interactive Zone

● Retell to revitalize| Interactive VR “The Book of Distance

● Discover to reveal|Interactive VR “The Key

● Conflict to compromise|Interactive VR “Goodbye Mister Octopus



Ticket Information

  1. ”On Going Home VR Package” includes Program A, B, C, and one limited brochure.
  2. 10% discount for the VIP, Student/Child.
  3. Interactive VR ticket holders are eligible for the additional purchase price, buy one ”Goodbye Mister Octopus” ticket for only NTD 100! Each interactive VR ticket can be redeemed once.


Exhibition Team


Director, Kaohsiung Film Archive 楊孟穎 YANG Meng-Yin
Deputy Director, Kaohsiung Film Archive 黃晧傑 HUANG Hao-Jie

Exhibition Director 李懷瑾 Grace LEE
Exhibition Planner 洪珷 Sebox HONG
Program Planner 郭旻薇 KUO Min-Wei
Press & Marketing 王瑋蔞 Bonnie WANG
Exhibition & Technical Designer 鄭仲迪 Marcus JHENG
Assistant of Exhibition & Technical Designer 鄭雅文 CHENG Ya-Wen
Venue Coordinator 呂紹儀 Kelly LU
Visual Designer 徐世賢 Nic HSU

Graphic Designer 余建璋 YU Gentsiong


-Advised by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Culture, Kaohsiung City Government, Bureau of Cultural Affairs and Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government


-Organized by Kaohsiung Film Archive, VR FILM LAB