Address|C9 Warehouse, Dayi Pier-2 Zone, Dayi Street, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City (beside the square)

  • Driving or cycling

    At the Chongcheng Road exit of National Freeway No. 1, follow the Chongcheng Road to Kaixuan Road (not to Chongcheng Underground Road) and turn to Wufu Road. After the Wufu Bridge (Love River), turn left to the bottom (close to the parking lot). A total of 20 minutes by car.

  • Parking lot

    Dayi Pier-2 Zone is located next to the outdoor parking lot, and opposite the”CITY SUITES-KAOHSIUNG CHENAI HOTEL.”


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  • Kaohsiung Rapid Transit

    1. Take the Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line to Exit 1 of O2 Yanchengpu
    2. Head southeast along Wufu 4th Rd about 5 minutes by walk.
    3. Turn right onto Dayi Street and walk along about 5 minutes into the Dayi Pier-2 Zone.
    4. Find the C9 Warehouse.
  • Kaohsiung Light Rail

    Take the Kaohsiung LRT to the “C12 Dayi Pier-2 Station” and walk east. A total of 1 minute by walk.

  • Taiwan Railway

    After taking the train to the “HSR Zuoying Station” or “TRA Kaohsiung main station”, transfer to the Kaohsiung MRT red line and get off at “R10 Formosa Boulevard Station”. Then transfer to the Kaohsiung MRT Orange Line to Exit 1 of “O2 Yanchengpu” and walk south along Dayong Road. A total of 5 minutes by walk.

  • City Bike

    Take the City Bike from Kaohsiung City to the “CITY SUITES-KAOHSIUNG CHENAI HOTEL” (at the intersection of Bishin Street and Dayi Street)